Human services, faith in the Creator, youth and youth development, brotherhood and love, self-service, social development and accountability, social welfare, morality, self-reliance and awareness creation, social security.

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Our Purpose Moving forward in human service by putting the slogan ‘Life in need of life’. Protecting the rights of children deprived of education. Creating values through moral education. Eliminating poverty through social and economic support. Empowering women to increase social involvement. To provide training in need of economic transparency. Medical care aimed at a healthy life. Increase awareness and prevent early marriage. Extension of religious education in order to be loyal to the Creator. Distribution of materials at all religious festivals, National and International Day celebrations, and in any crisis moment of country. To create public opinion and empower women to prevent violence against women and dowry practices. To provide education scholarship to poor and talented students.


Md. Imrul Kayes

Founder & Chairman

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