Journey The story is about 2016. With the dream of working for the country, people and humanity, some young people take the initiative to work with under privileged children and blood donors. Today’s Uthshargo Foundation Bangladesh is the dream that few young people have ever dreamed of giving to themselves and trying to put a little smile on the face of others according to their own ability. The trail has never been smooth. In a crowd of ridicule and thousands of people’s love, inspiration and guidance of thousands of people has made this family rich and large. These young peoples dream are not only dreaming of themselves, but they have spread their dreams to the doorsteps of helpless, self-deprecating people in various parts of the country and abroad. In three years, the visionaries of the sixty four districts of the country have organized millions of human-loving young people in the same family and in the same bonding.


Our Vision

Vision To Establish the rights of the disadvantaged people through the human services, hunger and poverty free society, socio-economic development, erosion of values and elimination of unemployment.


Our Mission

Mission Health Care, deprived children's rehabilitation, helpless women and Self-reliance of the poor, reducing unemployment, expansion of education, human resources development, creating proper culture and moral values.


Our Values
  1. Belief in the Creator
  2. Principles Human services
  3. Development of youth and youth society
  4. Brotherhood and love
  5. Scrape service
  6. Social development and accountability
  7. Social welfare
  8. Self-reliance and awareness creation
  9. Social Security.